Only you can De-Stress yourself anytime, anywhere.


We all live in myths about how to reduce the stress levels in one’s self. I will be very short by setting up my own story on how I do it.

“To Master One’s Mind Requires practice and patience”

I don’t exactly remember when I started but I did it again and again everyday and all the day. The idea was to at the least find one good point in everything, in everyone I see, I hear, I think all around me.

In this way today after the passage of the desired time, I can say that I have got a cloud of happy and positive thoughts all around me about everyone and everything.

Then comes the boosters, that help us in day to day life to lift us up and clear all sorts of stress inside us. Medically speaking Stress is just a sudden increase in a certain type of hormones and we just to need to keep them in control. How to control ?

Use Music, Use good thoughts and memories, Try Smiling and Imaginations. These are the very simplest and easiest ways to control one’s stress level at all times.

Then If I go a bit up higher, then I go for swimming, dancing, outdoor games, even indoor games, everything helps in reducing your stress level. Infact they wont even allow the stress levels to increase at all.

That’s what I do and follow to maintain my calm and keep the Stress levels way below the danger level !



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